Marysville | Seattle 

I love senior portraits, especially when I get to travel across the states to do them. In early July, my good friend, Selene, said her sister, Paulina, wanted to fly me out to do her senior pictures in Marysville and Seattle, Washington. I was incredibly excited, because I still had a weekend in august that hadn’t been booked yet, and it ended up working out perfectly. Washington is also probably my favorite place to be. And I got to spend a lot of time with both Selene and Paulina, which was so wonderful. 

Sky above, sand below, peace within.

We set aside almost a whole day for Paulina’s pictures, so we could go a bunch of different places. We started off the morning at Mission Beach in Marysville, which is one of my favorite spots. It has a bunch of wood formations and stacks of logs everywhere, and not to mention a beautiful ocean view with mountains!

Then we headed over to the “Living Room,” which is a super cute coffee shop also in Marysville. It had a bunch of different rooms that were all decorated with different themes. We got some coffee, tea, and breakfast, and I thought Paulina looked so cute with her drink! Then we took some pictures after we finished. There was also a room with maps and books everywhere, which I thought was so perfect. Paulina loves to read, so I took a book off the shelf, and she posed with it. I also loved the blue top she was wearing; it complemented her so beautifully!


Then we drove down to Seattle, and went over to The Seattle Center and took some photos with some of the amazing structures. We started out by the Museum of Pop Culture, and the exterior had such amazing shape and color. The Space Needle was also right next to the museum, so I was able to get a photo with it reflecting on the building.

Then we kept walking, and I saw this adorable stand with cotton candy, and I thought it would just make such a perfect picture! I bought some cotton candy and had Paulina go pose by the cute little cart. It was definitely fun, and Selene was always goofing around. Then we walked by Chihuly Gardens, where they had some beautiful flowers right outside, so I had Paulina go sit in the foliage for some more natural shots. We kept walking, and I found a super short stop light, which was so fun and random.

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing.” 

We then drove over to Capitol Hill, and got some ice cream at my favorite place, Frankie & Jo’s. I thought ice cream would be so fun to have in Paulina’s senior portraits! Frankie & Jo’s is a small spot, and they make everything from plants, and they always have super random and cool flavors that usually sound kind of strange, but are extremely delicious. Paulina and I both got the ashy caramel flavor, which happens to be a black/grey color. I then had Paulina change into her “street style” outfit, a super cute floral black hoodie paired with jeans. I thought it went so well with the black ice cream. Black hoodie, black ice cream, and then a black wall! Perfect photo op! Then we explored Capitol Hill in the heat of the day and found some cool alleyways, buildings, and chicken signs!

We finished out Paulina’s session still wandering around Capitol Hill, trying to keep in the shade as much as possible, because it was definitely the heat of the day! I really loved all of the interesting pillars. Everything just has an artistic twist around Seattle, while still having beautiful greenery and city vibes everywhere. I had such a blast getting to explore Washington for her senior portraits. It was fun to feel like a tourist, but still be taking stylish and fun photos.



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