Shayla Marin offers a rich variety of creative services, showcasing a diverse artistic spectrum of talent and expertise. From capturing memorable moments through photography, crafting visually interesting graphic designs, bringing stories to life through videography and film production, to weaving melodies that resonate with the soul through music, Shayla Marin’s portfolio is a testament to her passion for creativity. 

Still portraits capturing the intrinsic essence of individuals, groups, and families, as well as professional environments, complemented by the artistry of landscape photography.

Creating captivating visuals that speak volumes. Bold and dynamic graphic design work that fuses creativity, precision, and flair, aimed to leave a lasting impression.

Dynamic storytelling through video. Transports viewers to a new destination or getting people to know you and your brand. Blending creativity and professionalism.

Combining elements of electronic music with heartfelt songwriting. Music that blends EDM-inspired beats with soulful melodies of emotion and imagination.


Hi! I’m Shayla, born and raised in Colorado Springs, and I thrive on exploring new horizons, embarking on mountain adventures, immersing myself in breathtaking landscapes, and lover of all things yellow. From a young age, I’ve been deeply inspired in the realms of photography, videography, singing/songwriting, and various other creative pursuits.

As a creative enthusiast, I’m passionate about collaborating with amazing individuals to craft artistic solutions. Whether it’s capturing the hearts of people through photography, or putting together compelling videos, I’m your go-to gal for turning creative visions into reality. Let’s embark on this creative journey together!


Shayla is so much fun to work with! She is extremely creative and has an excellent eye for posing. She is confident in giving direction and puts her clients at ease. Highly recommended!
Amanda Lee
This girl is seriously outstanding, a force to be reckoned with. Shayla is full of enthusiasm and humor. She treats every project like it's the most important thing on her plate.
Amanda Lee
One word - WOW. Not only is Shayla charismatic and easily likeable from the get go, she truly is a master of her talent in photography and editing (and not overdoing it!). Shayla knows exactly how to capture special moments. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!!"

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