Fox Run Park | Colorado Springs

Oh Kyrie! She is just so incredibly beautiful.

Kyrie and I are basically cousins. Both of our families don’t have any family in Colorado, so we always spend every holiday together, and it’s always such a good time. I have known her for basically forever, and she has just become such a beautiful person inside and out.

Her sophomore year, we did some pictures of her in her band uniform in the fall, and Nicolette, her mom, loved how they turned out, so she told me then that I would do Kyrie’s senior pictures. Two years went by crazy fast, so here we are doing her senior portraits!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

For the beginning of her shoot, we started with her little black backpack. It was just so fitting because Kyrie is definitely thriving in school with lots of AP classes! Then we ventured out onto the path around the pond. I was definitely loving her in this adorable blue dress. It definitely made her eyes pop. The lighting was absolutely perfect! I love getting to shoot during golden hour, especially with such a beautiful subject. On our trip around the pond, I had her go out onto a rock pretty close to shore, and I loved the photo where she was facing completely away. Her hair looks so perfect! She also almost slipped into the water, because she was wearing her brand new shoes with barely any traction, but it was all good!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy BOOKS that’s kind of the same thing.”

Kyrie absolutely loves books and reading wherever she goes, so I’m so glad she decided to bring one for her senior portraits. She also changed into this perfect little navy dress, and she just looks incredible! We also did a lot of switching from glasses to no glasses through out the shoot, which gave the gallery a lot of diversity. With this blue dress, I loved all of the smiles but also the sass she was giving. Kyrie is such a perfect blend of sweet and sassy, and I love all the different expressions she showed the camera. She definitely was killing it!

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

— Anna Kendrick

Time for the last outfit! The end of the shoot was definitely filled with lots of different emotions. Nicolette wanted to put Kyrie in a tree, so she tried to pick her up, and it didn’t really work out. There were lots of laughs, and then Nicolette had her step up on her knee to get up into it, which ended up working out. Then Nicolette wanted Kyrie to recreate one of her senior pictures from years ago, where she was leaning up against a tree holding some flowers. Nicolette said her picture was definitely cheesy, but I thought Kyrie’s turned out pretty cute! We then headed back over to the pond where I took some of the both of them, and then with Kyrie being Nicolette’s only daughter, she started to tear up. It was so sweet!

Then we decided to get a bit creative with her hair, because we didn’t have any hair ties, but we did have some bobby pins. Nicolette gave Kyrie a little side braid to start, and then she tossed it up into a bun. It was definitely a little hard without a hair tie or a brush, but I thought it turned out! Then I wanted to do a little half up half down with braids, so I actually styled the last one. Having different hair styles definitely gave the photos such a different look, which I really loved. She also looked amazing in every single one.

When we left Fox Run, we were driving back to my house and found some sunflowers cascading down from someone’s fence in my neighborhood. We thought they were perfect, so we quickly pulled over, and got some final shots to end her senior pictures!

I can’t believe you’re a senior already, Kyrie!

I hope you have such an amazing year; I love you! 

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