Marysville, Washington

I love going out to Washington. Not only because of the gorgeous foliage year round, but because I get to spend time with my awesome family. Hannah is my amazing cousin. After we had afternoon tea, we went out to Jennings park in Marysville, and we got some beautiful photos. 

Hannah is incredibly creative. She spends a lot of her free time drawing in her sketchbook and painting beautiful art pieces. I absolutely love her soft purple hair, because it shows her artsy flare. Every time I come out to visit, I always get to style her hair. Purple with curls? What could be better!

I love shooting with Hannah. She is so easy to pose, and she is so natural in front of the camera. Hannah is just so gorgeous. I love her face. She has so many different expressions, I love it!

It was a perfect afternoon for photos. The lighting was so beautiful. Glowy, moody, we got it all! We got slightly rained on during the middle of the shoot, but it was only for a couple minutes. 

Jennings Park. Wow, they have so many different backgrounds, from old buildings, to fields, to dark & moody trees, and benches galore. It’s crazy, being from Colorado, to see green grass and trees with leaves on them during the Winter! Washington is the best.

When I was a kid, I would always watch America’s Next Top Model, and I had always seen this running/jumping pose. So we decided to have some fun and try it out! In the show, they would usually have some sort of purse in it, so I thought my favorite black velvet purse would add a nice touch.

During the shoot, we came across the most adorable goat. He was so fluffy! He was a woman’s pet goat, and she was taking him for a walk. On a leash! 

I just love Hannah. She is so fun to be around, and I love all of our talks about life. Inside and out, she is just a beautiful, wonderful person! 

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