My creative journey started when I was a wee little one, but before we delve into all of that, I’ll give you a little snippet of my passions. Simply put, I’m all about exploring new places, savoring and trying new delicious foods, and soaking up quality time with loved ones. Oh, and creating! My absolute favorite thing to do!

Creativity flows through every fiber of my being, whether I’m crafting layouts, capturing moments behind the lens, or pouring my heart into songwriting and singing.


From a young age, I always had a camera in hand, orchestrating “model photoshoots” with my sister and friends using my trusty pink digital Sony. In 8th grade, I upgraded to a “nicer” camera and snapped a photo of a flower in Glacier National Park (pictured), instantly captivated by the background blur I’d admired in “fancy photos.” My involvement in the high school yearbook further fueled my passion, attending events to capture memories and taking posed portraits of nearly everyone. My photography passion intensified when I had my first paid shoot in 2014,  thus Shayla Marin Photography was born. Since then, I’ve delved into all types of portrait photoshoots throughout Colorado, and traveling all over the country. In 2018,  I also started a wedding photography business, Leather & Lace Weddings, with my wonderful friend and business partner Melissa. Photography has been my enduring love, and I’m thrilled to continue this journey. I cherish capturing the unique essence of people, as every shoot presents a new canvas—different faces, personalities, places, and lighting—each offering its own story to tell.


Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by design, often joining my mom in crafting handmade cards and eagerly diving into creative projects throughout school. Yearbook became my initial outlet for creativity, but it wasn’t until college that I discovered the depth of graphic design. Getting my degree in Multimedia Graphic Design from Pikes Peak State College (definitely recommend), while winning many awards, it truly solidified my passion, and I dove headfirst into internships and freelance work.

For the past 6 years, I have been an in-house graphic designer at the American Numismatic Association (ANA). I’m thrilled to see my designs come to life in print and digital formats. Yet, my love for freelancing and collaborating with others still remains strong, fueling my desire to continue exploring and expanding my design journey. From the pages of The Numismatist Magazine to projects across Colorado Springs and beyond, I’m eager to continue making my imprint on the world through the power of creativity and design.


From my early days creating cringe-worthy YouTube videos to later crafting session highlight videos during photoshoots, my journey with video has been nothing short of transformative. What started as a hobby evolved into a passion as I delved into creating wedding, travel, and business videos. There’s an undeniable magic to video—it has the power to breathe life into moments, to evoke emotions, and to tell stories in ways that words and images alone cannot.


I’ve been singing since I could barely talk and wrote my first song at just 5 years old. Taking singing lessons from elementary to high school, performing in musicals, singing in the supermarket, or belting out ballads in the car, music has always been my happy place. In high school, I fell hard for electronic music and am committed to pursuing singing and songwriting professionally. In 2019, I released my debut single, and this January 2024, I dropped my album “Chromogenic,” where I’ve infused my love for EDM music, people, life, photography, and travel through song.  Custom songs written for you COMING SOON!

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