Video Production

Camp Promotional Video

Trinity Lutheran high school camp video promoting an amazing camp full of fun and amazing memories for all the campers. This video was shot and created in Bigfork, Montana and viewed at the end of the camp


Playdate: A Mini Horror Story

A short film about a mystery lurking in the abandoned houses in Victor, Colorado.

Something About You - Start of Summer Video

I wanted to do a fun personal project at the beginning of the summer, so I decided to make this video. I had a lot of different friends come into town and traveled around a little bit, so I just wanted to showcase that.


Baby We're All Monsters

Music Video for Luke Dowler's song, "Baby We're all Monsters." This video was partially filmed in Bigfork, Montana, and then also in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Light - Spring Break Video

This was just a video I made with my sister and her friend for spring break, with one of my favorite songs. There is a little bit of animation at the beginning, and some good times and good vibes throughout.


About My Video Journey

Making videos have always been a part of my life. When I was little, I had a little pink camera that I would always take silly videos of my friends and I with. Then, I got a youtube channel when I was in the 7th grade, and posted lots of weird videos of my family and friends. In 8th grade, we learned how to edit videos in a very basic Microsoft program. I then started making a lot of music videos to my favorite songs with my best friends. Then I experimented with IMovie, and started making vlogs, parodies, and extremely random ones as well.

When I got into college, I purchased the Adobe Suite and started using Premiere Pro, which was actually so much easier to use. Then I was able to do actual promotional and music people, which I really loved!

Shayla Marin- Macbook in the Mountains

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