Luisa graff jewelers

Luisa graff advertisements

Luisa Graff Jewelers is a local jewelry shop in Colorado Springs. I am their graphic designer who mainly does their advertising. For their advertising, I use a lot of bold shapes to play off of the intricacy and detail of the rings. I also use the backgrounds to often frame the type and rings. For the type, I script fonts with contrast of bold type faces to really tie in the aesthetic of the rings. Below are banner images for Facebook and their website & advertising. They like me to use a bunch of different colors to compliment each event or promotion.
vacation jewelry ad for colorado springs jeweler
simple marble and ring design for luisa graff jewelers

save the date

Another part of designing for Luisa Graff also includes doing postcard mailers. This one was was for an October event. I definitely wanted to have a fall theme with the background. For the type, I also used fall colors also, especially with gold to compliment the jewelry as well.  

Lusia Graff Jewelers save the date postcard design for fall