my name is shayla, and I love everything creative.

Colorado native creative

A Little About Me

I am a Colorado native creative who loves foggy mountain adventures, tea, and everything yellow. From painting to posing, you can pretty much find me doing something creative at any time. I am an inspired creative professional with a passion for working with wonderful people.


I love taking photos. Making people feel beautiful and comfortable brings me so much joy. Ever since I was little, I have had a camera in my hand. I would always have little “model photoshoots” with my sister and all of my friends with my little pink digital Sony. When I was in 8th grade, I got a “nicer” digital camera, and I took a photo of a flower in Glacier National Park. The background had that blur that I had seen in “fancy photos,” and I was immediately fascinated. A couple years after, I got extremely involved in the high school yearbook, and went to almost every single event to take photos. And of course, I was always taking posed portraits of pretty much everyone as well.

Then I really started to get into portraits when I was about 15 years old. In 2014, I actually shot my first paid shoot, one of my friend’s family portraits. I then started booking senior photoshoots and have been doing them ever since! It has been so amazing, because I’ve even gotten to travel to different states including Montana, Washington, and New Mexico.

Photography has been my love for years now, and I’m extremely excited to continue. I absolutely love taking photos of people, because it’s never the same; different people, personalities, places, light, the list goes on.

Cristal Komorowski
One word - wow. Not only is Shayla charismatic and easily likeable from the get go, she truly is a master of her talent in photography and editing (and not overdoing it!). Shayla knows exactly how to capture special moments. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to capture your special moments!!"
Rachel Franklin
"Shayla has never failed to impress me each time with her outstanding photography. Her creative mindset and bubbly personality really makes you feel comfortable and that you can have loads of fun while shooting with her!"
Torie Muir
"Shayla is so easy to work with and she’s so amazingly talented. Our wedding photos will be cherished forever and I can’t thank her enough!"


For as long as I can remember, I have always been designing something. My mom used to  make handmade cards and was always coming home with new stamps, paper, or ribbon. I would often make cards with her or have friends over to create them with me.

In junior high and high school, whenever we would make posters, Power points, or anything that involved any kind of creativity I would definitely get excited. My friends would always come over and I would help them put together their projects, so they would look beautiful. I always said, the teacher won’t want to give you an “F” if it looks good!

Then in high school I got really involved in yearbook. I always thought I loved it because I got to do so much photography, because I didn’t ever really think about graphic design.  For college, I was planning to get a business degree, but my mom was looking at the class descriptions and knew I would probably hate it. She started looking into other degrees at Pikes Peak and found Multimedia Graphic Design (MGD). She presented it to me, and I said, well that sounds good to me. I didn’t really know what graphic design entailed, but it seemed better than going to normal classes!

Starting college, I still didn’t really know what graphic design actually was to be honest, but with all my classes, I realized that it included poster design, web, magazine, etc. It was all the things I always liked to do. There is so much you can do, just with color and different type faces. I definitely fell in love!

My last semester of college (Spring of 2018) was definitely crazy. I was taking 23 credits and I had an internship with Ginseng Creative. I learned so much, and my designs then went out into the public. At Pikes Peak, I also won the “Outstanding Student of the Year Award” for the MGD program, and I won “2nd Best in Show” at the student AIGA portfolio review.

I am currently an in house graphic designer with the American Numismatic Association (ANA). But I absolutely love doing free-lance work, and working with awesome people. Having my own designs across the world in the Numismatist Magazine, from the ANA, and all around Colorado Springs is so crazy to me, and I’m excited to continue my design journey.

This girl has been a seriously outstanding intern and now a college graduate and force to be reckoned with. Thank you Shayla for your enthusiasm, humor and for treating each project like it was the most important thing on your plate.  

– Tanya Shaw